Recent Cases

Our dental team thrive on giving our patients the best smile possible through modern, effective dentistry. The cases we’ve recently worked on include all manner of dental issues, which we’ve overcome using the latest techniques and after a thorough consultation with the patient.

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Case 1

This lady had a problem with her upper front teeth. They had previously been restored with composite fillings and due to the crowded nature of them, the gum health was compromised. As the patient did not wish to have long term braces, we proceeded to align her teeth with LAVA crowns and ensured the gums had a biocompatible smooth surface to overlie. As is evident, the gums appear much healthier now and the patient is very happy with her new smile.

Case 2

This Gentleman was experiencing a deteriorating dentition due to his grinding. A previous dentist did the best they could with some composite fillings but we decided to place ( and replace the UL2) crown. Once again, a very happy patient with his new natural smile.

Case 3

This pleasant lady attended to see me after having long thought of a smile makeover. She decided to address her upper front teeth only. She was not keen on long term braces so we embarked on a plan which included LAVA crowns.

As you can see, the result is a marked improvement and she now plans to have the lower teeth addressed in the near future.

Case 4

This gentleman presented to me after having decided he wanted to improve the appearance of his upper front teeth which was catalysed by the poor appearance of a previous crown he had. He also wished to have his teeth whitened. We proceeded to whiten his teeth to begin with.

After this stage, we prepared his teeth for LAVA crowns. After having visited the laboratory in order to aid the construction of his teeth, we cemented the crowns and this picture was taken a few days later.

Another happy patient.