New Patient Examinations Wilmslow

New Patient Examinations

We like to get to know our patients here at The Edge Dental, so on your first visit to us weʼll ensure that we get a complete picture. During your initial examination we will thoroughly check your teeth, mouth and gums and take X-ray images to check for any other potential problems. We will also discuss with you any concerns you might have about your oral health or the appearance of your teeth. Youʼll be given a full report of the results, identifying any potential problems, with information and advice on how to look after your teeth at home. This is the first step in maintaining a healthy smile to last a lifetime and reduce the risk of further treatment being required over time.

Child Examinations

A visit to the dentist can be a daunting prospect for your little one, but the earlier you start, the less chance theyʼll worry about it in the future. Regular check-ups are a great opportunity to introduce your child to the dentistʼs chair and our friendly professionals will make sure they are happy and relaxed throughout the whole experience. Check-ups are vital to prevent tooth decay and also help identify any other problems early. Weʼll also encourage your child to take responsibility over their own teeth with lots of fun tips and advice on better brushing and diet.